Tri-Zone's Bike Fitting Services

Tri-Zone's primary fitter maintains current certification from both Retul (road and triathlon) and F.I.S.T. (road and triathlon) as well as foot/pedal interface training from Paul Swift at

For athletes that already have a bike, a visit to Tri-Zone's dedicated bike fitting studio can enhance your comfort and efficiency on the bike. We'll assess your current position and work within your budget to optimize your saddle and handlebar/aerobar placement. All measurements are made with our Retul 3-D dynamic motion capture system, and you'll receive a comprehensive report on your fitting session and final position.

For athletes shopping for a new bike, we will fit you to our state-of-the-art Retul Fit Cycle. You can test a variety of positions from conservative to aggressive, feeling for yourself the effect of various saddle and handlebar/aerobar placements. Once your optimum position has been attained, we can compare it to several bicycle brands/models to help identify models that are conducive to your position as well as eliminate those which may not adapt well to your position.
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