Give It A Tri Training Program Spring 2019 - LA Tri Series #3 Sprint Triathlon

Tri-Zone's Free Triathlete Training Program for the 2019 LA Tri Series #3 Triathlon

Whether you are already a swimmer, cyclist, runner, or just thinking about it, Our Give-It-A-Tri training program will help prepare you for our local races. For Spring 2019 we will be targeting the LA Tri Series #3 Triathlons at Bonelli Park in San Dimas on Saturday May 11th, 2019. There are two options for distance, the Tri Express with a 300 meter (328 yard) swim, 13.3k (8.25 mile) bike, and 5k (3.1 mile) run, and the Championship distance with a 1.5k (1640 yard) swim, 39k (24.25 mile) bike, and 10k (6.2 mile) run. These races are a great introduction to open water triathlons.

To join the program and receive updates via email, just email us at:

March 23, 2019 - Week 1 Recap

Today was the first session of our newest program. After filling out some paperwork, we started with Gayla explaining the program, including a new Olympic distance option for our returning participants. Following Gayla's presentation, Dr. Sean Braithwaite of Braithwaite gave a talk on the most common running injuries and how to prevent them.

After the talks, we headed to El Dorado Park for some bike work, followed with a few laps of running at Coyote Creek Park.

Next week we will be meeting at 8:00am at Tri-Zone for a Gear and Nutrition Talk with Gayla. After the talk we will be heading to the JFTB pool for wetsuit and swim practice with Coach David Light.

See you next week!

-- Gayla, Raul B., Katie, Skyler, and Briana.

March, 2019

Thank you for your interest in Tri-Zone's free triathlon training program. We are excited to offer the Give-It-A-Tri program and look forward to working with you. Family and friends are invited to join you also. Here are a few details you will need to know about the program:

WHEN: March 23rd through May 11th, 2019: Clinics, bike and run workouts Saturday mornings 8am to 10:30am.

WHERE: Clinics, bike/run at Tri-Zone, 3380 Cerritos Ave in Los Alamitos; weekday evening and Saturday practice pool swims at the JFTB pool in Los Alamitos.

TOPICS (tentative):
March 23rd: Orientation and Paperwork, Injury Prevention Workshop, Brick Workout
March 30th: Gear and Nutrition Talk, Practice Swim at JFTB Pool
April 6th: Bike Maintenance Clinic, Brick Workout, Flat Tire Clinic
April 13th: Open Water Practice at Bayshore, Run Workout
April 20th: Running Gait Analysis, Brick Workout
April 27th: Stretching and Core Strength Workshop, Brick Workout
May 4th: Transition Practice
May 11th: Race Day! (Optional -- participant is responsible for signing up)

Weekday Swim Workouts: Tri-Zone has lanes reserved weeknights from 6:30pm to 7:30pm for the JFTB Master's Swim Program coached workouts. All abilities are invited, and Tri-Zone covers the cost for Give It A Tri participants. The Master's Swim Program is a great way to get to the next level with your swimming; visit MWR Aquatic Training Center for more information.

We love to answer your questions, so please email us with any comments, concerns, or questions we didn't cover.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you on Saturday, March 23rd at 8:00am!
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